Everyone want the best education , But financially this can be a worry
07 October 2014 - Which Way To Pay


Everyone deserves the chance for better education

When it comes to providing the best education for you or your family , it's always a worry when waiting to find out the cost. As we all know , Education is the core of everyone's success in life , therefore it needs to be the right level for that individual. Now there is a scheme set up in India which helps those students who are wanting to progress into higher education. This will be offered to deserving candidates who are wanting to higher there education level.

Education Loans proving to be a huge success

When it comes to that point of choosing the best education loan for your needs , there is always a criteria to be met with regards to being granted the right Education loan for you. Bank of India are proving to be helping thousands of students who are wanting to higher there education level . This is being made possible with the Education loan Facility. Many people who are taking a Education Loan are progressing into careers such as Engineering , Medical & management .

A quick guide on what criteria & questions will be asked when applying for a Education Loan

  • The most important feature is that the student Has Indian Nationality.
  • The student must have obtained admission to pursue higher Education in India or Abroad.
  • The eligible age in India to obtain a Education Loan is aged 16 - 26.
  • Finally , the student must be academically capable to Higher there education . This can be monitored by their current academic score being 60% or higher.