As everyone wants that big day to be perfect , there is also a hefty cost that comes with it .
14 May 2015 - Which Way To Pay


Marriage isn't a cheap affair that's why Marriage loans have proven so popular across India.

As we all know when it comes to planning that big day you want it to be oh so perfect. As with every big celebration there is always a large cost surrounding it. Due to the large amount of family members close friends and acquaintances Indian Weddings can be very , very expensive.

Marriage loans have been introduced to help assist with the cost of making your wedding that day to remember. Many people are unaware of Marriage loans and what they can provide therefore its a great way to ease that everyday struggle of paying all the expensive costs.

As with most loans there is always certain requirements that need to be met , here is the criteria for a Marriage loan to be issued :

  • Minimum age for groom is 21 years old & Bride is 18 years old.
  • Proof of address ( passport , Ration , Bill )
  • bank statement or pass book for last 6 months.
  • Held a current job for 1 year or more.

Many people take out a Marriage loan so that they have less stress when paying for that perfect day. The Marriage loans can be taken out for up to 10 years repayment scale making it not as hard for the repayment.

Marriage loans are available with many different suppliers and can be found on line or with local banks with all the information you may need when considering a Marriage loan.

Always remember when taking out a Marriage loan to make yourself fully aware of the percentage that is repayable when paying back.

With any type of Loan there is always lots of terms & conditions that need to be read and understood before making that final signature.