PolicyBoss Car Insurance - Car Insurance
(Which Way To Pay - 6/12/2013)
PolicyBoss.com is operated and managed by Landmark Insurance Brokers, operating in 13 cities and looking after 75000 customers.

PolicyBoss provides a variety of insurance products and offers a hassle free online service. Customers just fill in an easy form and then receive quotes of several car insurance companies to choose from. It is an easy way to find the most suitable car insurance to meet one’s requirements best.

PolicyBoss offers an excellent service for best solutions which is known for being fast and reliable.

Besides finding their customers best car insurances they also offer life-and health insurances at cheap rates, as well as travel insurance, pension plans and more.
PolicyBoss Car Insurance is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating
1 Star: 1 Star RatingPoor
In relation to other products, has performed badly and has little or no worthwhile benefits.
2 Stars: 2 Star RatingBelow Average
Has some features of value, but in comparison to others performs below standard.
3 Stars: 3 Star RatingAverage
A fair product with regards to its competitors - has no outstanding features or benefits.
4 Stars: 4 Star RatingGood
In comparison to other products performs above standard, has beneficial features.
5 Stars: 5 Star RatingExcellent
Performs well above standard in comparison, has exceptional features and benefits.

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Policy Boss Car Insurance