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Car insurance is mandatory in India, so most drivers will either have a car insurance or be on the lookout for a new one. You will need to make sure you are covered for natural calamities and man-made calamities every time you use public roads with your vehicle. Car insurance policies include property coverage in case your car is stolen or damaged, liability coverage in case your cause damage to property or other people and medical coverage in case of injuries or even funeral expenses. Use the chart below to compare the best premiums and offers. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any car insurance policy you are interested in thoroughly in order to make sure that you are fully covered for the circumstances you need.

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Compare Car Insurance

If you are buying a car then car insurance would make a sensible additional purchase.

There are many different levels of car insurance

Use the table above to find the right insurance policy for you. When deciding on which insurer to go for always check every detail before you sign so you can be sure you are making the best decision for you. You should watch out for hidden administration fees where you can be charged for aspects like changing your information, cancellations and late payment fees.

The policy will explain how you are covered

Your policy will define what losses are covered, and the coverage limits. You can get coverage for property, medical expenses and personal liability. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen or medical assistance or legal costs are required vehicle insurance can help you pay for these fees which can be very expensive.

To keep prices down make sure you are not paying for any extras that you do not need but remember that the cheapest insurance is not necessarily the best because it is likely to provide the least amount of cover.

What sort of cover you go for will affect the cost of you insurance

The cost of vehicle insurance can vary immensely. Not only will it depend on the insurer you choose but also what type of vehicle it is and how old it is. Other aspects which will affect the price will be whether your vehicle has safety features such as alarms and airbags. The level of cover you go for and the length of the policy will also have an effect on your premiums.

Your personal circumstances will also affect insurance costs

As the driver your circumstances can affect how much the vehicle insurance will cost. Depending on how old or what sex you are can make different as well. Insurers may also look at whether you have a history of making claims to decide how much to charge you for the cover. When it comes to vehicle insurance you need to make sure have the right mix of coverage and price. Choose a policy where you can tailor it to suit you and your insurance needs.

Vehicle Insurance is worth buying

In India vehicle insurance will cover you for any losses that you may have incurred resulting from an accident. Vehicle insurance is important in India but cars can be expensive purchases so you will want to make sure this investment is protected. Without the insurance if something were to happen to your vehicle you might be unable to afford the repairs or replacements.

Car insurance renewal

If you do not have any accidents or make a claim on your insurance, your insurance premium should technically get cheaper after the first year. Ensure that you shop around when it comes to your renewal date as you could find you get a cheaper premium with another provider. Your car insurance provider will send you out your renewal letter at least a month before you are due to renew so you will have plenty of time to do your research properly.

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