Auto Junction (Car Loan)
Auto Junction can assist you in getting your car financed. All you have to do is fill in the online form and you will receive attractive financing offers from different Financiers for free. Get your car loan approved in 3 hours flat.
Location: India
Lender/Broker: Broker
1. Market Lenders.
2. Processing in 48 Hours.
3. hassle free documentation.
4. Highest loan sanctioning ratio.
1. Buyer has to deposit a sum of money as security.
Processing in 48 Hours

APR: 14%Interest Type: Fixed Rate
Min Tenure: 12 MonthsMax Tenure: 84 Months
Loan Amount: From Rs. 1 lakhProcessing Fee: 10% plus 1 month EMI
Min Annual Income: Ask on application
EMI Equated Monthly Instalment: 10% - 30% of car value

Secured Loan: YesUnsecured Loan: No

Terms and Conditions:
The applicant should be minimum 18 years old if he/she is salaried and 21 years of old if he/she is self employed.
1. For a Salaried Employee any of the following proofs are considered- Passport, Photo Credit Card, PAN Card, Voter?s Identity card, Driving license, Employee ID issued by Government of India or PSU or Limited companies, Local Panchayat Identity card, Notary certification with Photograph. Form 16 with latest Salary slips.
2. For a Self Employee any of the following proofs are considered- Passport, PAN Card, Voters Identity card, Driving license, Latest Sales Tax assessment order, Sale Tax registration certificate.
Get the best deal from the Authorized Dealers
The minimum loan amount given for auto loan is one lakh rupees.
Auto Junction (Car Loan) (Which Way To Pay - 28/7/2011)
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