IndianOil Citibank Credit Card (Credit Card)Mastercard
Love to go on long drives and want to get fuel for many of them? Redeem Reward Points for free fuel - only on the IndianOil Citibank Credit Card.
Location: India
Free fuel, your IndianOil Citibank Silver Credit Card comes with a powerful Rewards Program - Turbo Track:
1. Earn 3 Turbo Reward Points for every Rs. 200 of Fuel purchases at IndianOil Retail Outlets across the country. Just ask for a Citibank charge slip.
2. Earn 1 Turbo Reward Point for every Rs. 200 of spend every time you use your IndianOil Citibank Silver Credit Card.
3. Redeem your Turbo Points for free fuel at select IndianOil Retail Outlets across the country @ 1:1.
4. 0% Fuel Surcharge - Rising fuel prices need not be a cause of concern for you anymore. Get a fuel surcharge waiver every time you tank up at IndianOil Outlets. All you have to do is use your IndianOil Citibank Silver Credit Card and the 2.5% surcharge will be waived off. Just make sure that you ask for a Citibank Charge slip. Go ahead and enjoy your drive!
1. Late Payment charge- Rs.300 for bills up to Rs.10000, Rs. 600 for bulkls from Rs. 10001 - 25000 and Rs.700 for bills above 25000
2. Over credit limit charge - 2.5%
3. Petrol Transaction Charge - 2.5% (subject to a minimum of Rs.10) Waived at Indian Oil outlets for transactions done on Citibank EDC.
Fuel card

APR: 37.8%
Credit Limit: See website for details
Credit Rebuild: No
Chip and Pin: No
Under 18: No
SMS Banking: No

Fees: Card replacement charge - Rs.100
Cash Back: N/A
Cash Advances: 2%
Balance Transfer: N/A
New Purchase: N/A

Rewards: 1.Earn 3 Reward Points on every Rs. 200 spent at IndianOil Outlets and 1 Reward Point for Rs. 200 spent on non-fuel purchases
IndianOil Citibank Credit Card (Which Way To Pay Ireland - 1/8/2013)
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