Welcome to our Currency Exchange area. If you are looking to transfer money overseas then we can help you find the cheapest and most efficient money transfer services available. Whether you are a private or corporate individual the foreign exchange specialists listed can help you with your international money transfer needs. Remittance services are also available.


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Many people in India or NRIs require good foreign exchange services to send and receive money efficiently around the world. But which service is the best to use? There are certain rules regarding currency in India, so it is essential that you are able to use a high quality foreign exchange company that is fully regulated to deal with currency on a global scale.

On Which Way To Pay India, you can find highly specialised currency experts that can help you to send large and small amounts of money around the world, at the best exchange rates and with no additional fees (such as commission).

Foreign Currency Exchange for Private Clients

For private individuals who would like to send a large transfer overseas (Rs. 360,000 and over) there are far cheaper and better ways of doing it than going to a traditional bank. Certainly, most traditional banks can facilitate foreign exchange transfers but in general they charge unattractive exchange rates and may demand additional fees on top, such as commission. Fortunately, you can now use currency exchange experts to carry out your global transfers, whether you need to pay for a property abroad, wish to purchase goods and services from abroad or any other personal reason.

The experts listed on Which Way To Pay India are highly trained foreign exchange brokers historically only used by corporate clients or investors, they now can offer their excellent services to personal individuals too. You can transfer funds to almost any global location and each account receives its own highly trained broker whom you can contact via email or the telephone to arrange a transfer. They will quote you the best available exchange rates (within 1% and 3% of the Interbank market rate) and do not charge commission.

If you wish to make a smaller overseas money transfer, visit our section for Money Transfer.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Corporate Clients

Most businesses need to undertake international money transfers at one point or another. Whatever your company's foreign exchange requirements are, the specialist services of a foreign exchange broker are the best way to get the most out of your overseas payments. You will benefit from the best exchange rates far better than those offered by ordinary banks a one-to-one service, no bothersome call centres and a large range of excellent risk management strategies.

Ensure that your company minimises its exposure to international currency movements, and benefit from excellent hedging strategies tailored to you and your business' needs. Most foreign exchange brokers also offer investment options, as well as a variety of forward contracts so that you can secure the best rates now.

Money Transfer Online for Smaller Transfers

Remittance services are highly popular all over India, both in urban and rural areas. Today, you can benefit from some of the best exchange rates and a fast transfer speed. The money transfer services listed on Which Way To Pay India offer worldwide transfers at a range of transfer options online, telephone and wire transfer. These companies are ideal to use for smaller transfers. If you need to make a large overseas payment or perhaps a regular one, it may be more beneficial to visit our Foreign Exchange Private Clients section.

When choosing a money transfer (remittance) service, make sure you compare the exchange rates and use the one that offers the best options for both yourself and your recipient (the person who is receiving the money).


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