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Get the right current account for all your business needs by comparing the options in the chart below. Whatever the size of your company, a current account provides all the essential money management features which will help you to separate your business expenses from any other expenses. There are many current accounts available in India, so take your time and compare banks and providers in the chart below. It should be easy to a current account but you may need to provide some proof of your business and business expenses to get the account. If you require more information on each product, click on Detail Information. Please read the terms and conditions of any current account you are interested in thoroughly before you apply.

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Current accounts are safe places for you to keep your money and earn interest

Finding a current account to suit you

You need to find an account that suits you so you will get the most out of your money. When choosing an account consider firstly how much you want to save for, for how long and how much money you can afford to save on a monthly basis. Also watch out for any fees for using the account as some providers may charge you for withdrawing cash from a cash machine or an annual fee just for using the account. Make sure you compare different savings accounts before you decide on the right one for you. Use the table above to help you.

How much interest can you earn with a current account?

One of the most important factors to consider is the interest rate that you will earn on your money and this should be priority. You need to shop around for a current account that offers the best interest rates. Think about or if you donít mind for it to vary. You may also be given the decision as to whether you want the interest paid monthly or annually.

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How To Choose a Current Account

01 March 2012
Which Way to Pay

In India a current account is a popular account for businesses. You can use a current account for your businessesí daily transactions, they allow you to make deposits and transfer money to other accounts.