Car insurance – what does it cover?

29 May 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Car insurance – what does it cover?

Car insurance policies protect against a variety of risks when driving a car.    They are in fact a combination of different insurances.

Liability insurance

The most important part of car insurance is the liability insurance, which is mandatory.   It covers for any damage which might happen through your fault.    If you cause minor damage to another person’s car, it might still be possible to pay for the repair out of your own pocket.    In the event of a major car crash, however, the repair or replacement of a valuable vehicle could have much more serious financial consequences – and if a person is injured, the financial obligation can easily involve expenses which no private person can ever meet.    This is why the liability policy is so important.

Damage to one's own car

One might have a beautiful new car which in the event of an accident needs expensive repairs, but in many cases, people are dependent on it to get to work.    Both speedy repair and, if necessary, car hire for the time when your  car is looked after in a garage, can be a costly matter.    Good car insurance will make sure that things go smoothly.    Car insurance also covers for burglary.

The right car insurance policy

Before taking out car insurance it is important both to check the costs and what it covers, and to choose a policy which suits one's own needs and which is correct for the model and condition of your car.




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