How to find the right savings account

07 March 2013 - Mark Maffia

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How to find the right savings account

A savings account is the best place to keep your money safe and increase its amount.

Leaving money on the current account means giving money away, as any credit will bring no or only very little interest. In contrast, transferring money regularly to a savings account means you can earn interest.

How much interest a savings account will bring depends on the kind of savings account you go for. The two main criteria when choosing a savings account are how quickly you can access your savings and how much interest it will bring

If you need to be able to access your money whenever you like there are numerous savings accounts available with very good interest rates. These are the ideal accounts on which to put regularly money aside every month. The interest rates for these accounts are variable, which means they can change at any time and can go up but also down.

If you can do without some of your money for a while, it is advisable to choose a fixed term savings account. Depending on how long you agree to have no access to your funds, the interest paid to you will be accordingly high. The interest rate will be here fixed. Also, this means you can calculate how much money your savings will earn before you open your savings account. A fixed term savings account is particularly useful if you have already saved a large sum of money.

Savings accounts are an ideal solution to keep your money safe and let it grow. To find the savings account which is right for you is easy just compare different offers, and their rates terms and conditions. Online you can open your savings account in a few easy steps

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