Travel insurance worth taking out before going abroad

06 May 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Travel insurance worth taking out before going abroad

Holidays are the best weeks in the whole year and much preparation goes into it.   Money has often been saved up for months to ensure happy and relaxed weeks with new impressions and restful days of recreation.   This is why one should not miss adding extra peace of mind by taking out travel insurance.

What does travel insurance do?

Travel insurance provides protection for things which could go wrong when you are abroad.   This could be an unexpected illness or accident for which expensive treatments and medications become necessary, or even possibly transport back home by ambulance.   It offers also cover in the event of accidents when carrying out risky adventures, activities or sports.    Help will also be provided in the search for doctors, if a passport gets stolen, or with lost car keys.

If luggage is lost

Travel insurance also will replace luggage if it gets stolen or lost, and if it arrives late at your destination it allows you to buy basic equipment for the time until it arrives.

If you cannot travel at all

If you fall ill before you have departed on your journey, travel insurance will pay cancellation fees and, depending on the tariff, will reimburse you for events booked in advance.  It will also possibly provide cover in the event of the tour operator going bankrupt.    Additionally, extra policies can be taken out for legal costs and any special risks.

How to find the best travel insurance

It is worth comparing different insurance companies first, and having a look at what exactly they offer and what kind of policies you can take out, like for example cover for a single journey of a package for a year.



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