Indian Market Favours BlackBerry Over Apple

04 October 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Indian Market Favours BlackBerry Over Apple

The maker of the world’s most popular smartphone, Apple, is finding the Indian market unreceptive to the iPhone. There are 602 million active smartphone users across India and is the second biggest mobile phone market; yet the Californian technology giant ships fewer iPhones to India than it does to Norway. The BlackBerry device has proved to be more popular, with the maker Nokia and Research in Motion expecting shipments to increase by nearly 70% each year until 2015. This is hoped to offset market-share losses across Europe and the US.

The poor sales figures for Apple smartphones has been attributed to Indian wireless carriers. Third-generation networks have begun to be established across the country, but as of yet are unable to provide fast enough services necessary for many features of the iPhone. The world’s largest company by market value, Apple sales accounted for just 2.6% of smartphone shipments to India in the second quarter. 46% were Nokia, 21% Samsung Electronics and 15% RIM.

The iPhone functions well in European countries and in the US where adequate Wi-Fi speed is available. For countries a step behind in terms of internet speed, devices such as the BlackBerry work well. The BlackBerry Messenger application is particularly popular, as one can message those who also have a BlackBerry device for free, without internet.



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