Halo Financial (Foreign Exchange)
Halo Financial has developed a reputation for delivering excellent value and expertise in the provision of foreign currency exchange services. Regularly interviewed on financial television channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC. Halo Financial are entrusted to manage the foreign currency requirements of private individuals and international businesses. Halo Financial provides a cost effective alternative to your bank; providing a far more efficient way to save time and money when transferring foreign currency. Click for more information.
Location: UK
Languages: English
1. Market leading exchange rates: On a direct price check using Halo Financial could help you save up to 4% compared to using you Bank!
2. A single point of contact: in an era of call centers, what a refreshing change it is to know that you can rely on your own currency dealer to provide you with a personal, friendly and trusting service.
3. No commission charges: contrary to most banks all Halo Financial transfers are commission free!
4. Fast onward payments: we will transfer funds by priority electronic payment which should ensure most transfers will be credited the very same day!
5. Excellent service: their professionalism ensures you derive the maximum benefit from all your currency transactions with minimum hassle.
6. Regular currency updates: subscribe to daily or weekly currency insight for the market news that affects you.
7. 24 hour monitoring of exchange rates: a proactive service which will provide the opportunity to buy or sell currency around the clock.
8. Appropriate risk management strategies to improve your currency transaction: your dealer will explain the different options available to cut your risk and improve your exchange rates.
9. Proactive account management with relevant market news: your dealer will keep you regularly updated of any currency movements which could affect your international investment.
1. Transfer fee £15 for lump sum transfers under £5,000, £5 for Regular Currency Transfer.
2. Opening a trading facility when residing abroad is more exhaustive. Under international regulations additional identification documents will usually be required.
3. Based only in the UK
Spot Contracts: If you need to undertake an immediate transaction and you have all your funds immediately available to settle the trade, you can buy or sell currency using a spot contract. Standard spot contracts (trade now, pay now) enable you to immediately agree an exchange rate to buy or sell currency for settlement, unless otherwise agreed, within 2 business days of the date the contract is initiated.
Forward Contracts and Regular Currency Transfers
Automated Currency Orders: Managing fluctuating exchange rates from your work or home can be difficult when you’re short on time and don’t have access to sophisticated systems. So Halo Financial offer automated currency orders to help. If you want to target a better exchange rate or require protection against a falling one, these tools – known as Limit and Stop Loss Orders – will work to your advantage. Operating 24 hours a day, your currency be automatically bought or sold if your pre-determined exchange rate is achieved. They offer the complete solution to the safeguarding and enhancing your funds, providing significant advantages over your bank’s limited opening hours and inflexible solutions. They can be altered or cancelled at any time prior to the transaction taking place.
Customer benefits: Ability to protect and improve your exchange rate, 24/7, Flexible solution, FREE. No premium cost.
Free Foreign Exchange Consultation: Your Foreign Exchange Consultants can analyse your foreign exchange exposure. This service is completely free.

Established: FCA 528727
Spread/Margin: 0.1% - 1% depending on volume
Costs/Fees: Rs. 0
Rate Improved With Volume: No
Transfer Methods: Foreign bank to Indian bank
Transfer Speed: Once funds are cleared before 12pm, we will transfer funds by priority electronic payment which should ensure transfers will be credited the very same day! In the instance of time difference (especially Australia and New-Zealand) please allow an extra 24h.
Transfer Minimum: Rs. 7,22,55
Trust Accounts: BARCLAYS Trust Accounts

Online Trading Platform: No
Currency Converter: No

Forward contract: If you would like to secure a particular exchange rate but would like to settle the contract on a pre-determine date in the future, you can buy or sell currency using a forward contract. A forward contact is suitable even if you don’t have access to all your funds immediately.
Forward contracts (trade now, pay later) enable you to immediately agree a fixed exchange rate to buy or sell currency for settlement on or before an agreed date up to 24 months in the future. By securing an exchange rate you are protecting yourself against the possible risk of a worsening exchange rate giving you peace of mind and allowing to cost your purchase or investment without risk.
Customer Benefits:
• Eliminate uncertainty.
• Guarantee a favorable exchange rate now for settlement in the future (trade now, pay later).
• Protect against adverse currency movements.
• No need to monitor daily exchange rate movements.
• Stress free.
In order to benefit from a forward contract, you would only need to pay a 10% deposit to secure the trade. You will need to pay the remaining 90% balance 2 days before the maturity of the contract.
Regular Payments:
If you are transferring money internationally on a regular basis, you don’t have to put up with uncompetitive exchange rates, high commissions, expensive transfer charges and slow delivery times. Just because you are transferring smaller amounts, there is no reason for you to lose money.
Halo Financial Regular Currency Transfers service will solve these problems, ensure that important dates aren’t missed and make your budgeting much easier – something that is often complicated by variations in the exchange rate. Because you’ll be fixing an exchange rate, you’ll always know how much you will receive and what you’ll need to pay. Our RCT service is especially helpful if you’re living overseas as it resolves any payment difficulties you may face by not being able to instruct your bank in person.
Ideal for making monthly or quarterly transfers, such as:
• Mortgage payments
• Pension transfers
• Salary transfers
• Rental income transfers
• Maintenance and living expenses
• Overseas school fees
• Any over regular currency transfers to overseas banks
Once your trading facility is in place, you can fix an exchange rate against future payments for a period of between 6 and 24 months. Each payment being sent abroad must be the same every time and the minimum transfer is £250 per transfer.
Terms and Conditions:
Please visit the website for details.

Number Of Currencies: 31
Currencies Available:
1. AED - United Arab Emirates, Dirhams
2. AUD - Australia, Dollars
3. BHD - Bahrain, Dinars
4. CAD - Canada, Dollars
5. CHF - Switzerland, Francs
6. CZK - Czech Republic, Koruny
7. DKK - Denmark, Kroner
8. EGP - Egypt, Pounds
9. EUR - Euro Member Countries, Euro
10. FJD - Fiji dollar
11. GBP - United Kingdom, Pounds
12. HKD - Hong Kong, Dollars
13. HRK - Croatian Kuna
14. HUF - Hungary, Forint
15. ILS - Israel, New Shekels
16. INR - India, Rupees
17. JPY - Japan, Yen
18. KWD - Kuwaiti dinar 
19. MAD - Morocco, Dirhams
20. MUR - Mauritius, Rupees
21. NOK - Norwegian, Kroner
22. NZD - New Zealand, Dollars
23. PLN - Poland, Zlotych
24. SAR - Arabia, Riyals
25. SEK - Financial SEK Sweden, Kronor
26. SGD - Singapore, Dollars
27. SKK - Slovak koruna
28. THB - Thailand, Baht
29. TRY - Turkey, New Lira
30. USD - United States of America, Dollars
31. ZAR - South Africa, Rand
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