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A health insurance plan can give you the financial support that you need in the event of medical treatment - arising from a disease, an accident or other medical incident. Your expenses will be dealt with and you can relax knowing that your treatment is being taken care of. There are different types of health insurance available, from general health insurance to more specific or tailored plans. Use the chart below to compare the main features of each listed policy or provider. It is essential to get the right level of cover so that if you do need to make a claim, you are adequately taken care of. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy carefully to ensure that you are covered in the necessary circumstances.

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Health Insurance in India can be extremely worthwhile.

Choosing the right health insurance

Getting the right health insurance is paramount to ensure that you a properly looked after should the unexcited occur. With the coasts of medical care rising, the right policy can ensure that you and your family receive the care they need quickly. You are also likely to spend less time waiting around for essential treatment. Whether it is an accident or a serious illness Ė anyone can be affected by an unexpected or expected medical situation. Without the right health insurance plan, you could be financially ruined trying to pay for the treatment you need. Medical bills in Insia are notoriously expensive even for minor aspects. Imagine trying to pay for a serious operation without the right insurance cover.

There are different types of health insurance available

An investment in health insurance scheme is a sensible purchase. The health insurance policy could either be a personal scheme or a group scheme sponsored by an employer. Some of the existing health insurance schemes currently available are individual, family, group insurance schemes, senior citizens insurance schemes, long-term health care and insurance cover for specific diseases.

Look into a health insurance policy carefully

Medical Insurance in India is widely promoted and many people with families are purchasing cover to help them meet emergency medical treatment. However medical insurance in India does not necessarily cover all medical expenses. It is important that you look into your medical insurance policy very carefully in order to make sure that you are covered for every eventuality.

Only purchase what you can afford

Choose the sum assured taking into careful consideration what you can afford. Companies usually reserve the right to increase premium rates. Remember check the policy wording before buying medical/health insurance in India. Remember your medical insurance policy is valid only within India. In case you travel abroad you need travel medical insurance. Spend some time comparing medical insurance companies in India. Donít just look at the premium rates but study the policy.

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