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No matter how much we plan our lives, we cannot predict the future. The unexpected can take place at any time, and while the positive surprises may be something to smile about, the negative ones are often tainted with financial loss, injury, disability or even death. Insurance offers us a method of protecting ourselves from financial loss in the event of a series of negative unexpected events. By taking the necessary insurance cover, you can ensure that risks are brought down to a minimum.

Car Insurance

It is mandatory to have your car insured in India so every driver has at least some form of vehicle (also known as automobile or car insurance). With vehicle insurance you are covering the risk of damages or loss to or create by the vehicle. It covers the driver from third party liabilities arising from accidental damage, and in most cases natural calamities are included (such as inclement weather, riots and theft).

There are many types of vehicle insurance policies available on the Indian market, and of course the costs can vary as well. Therefore it is essential to compare and contrast the different offers to ensure you get the best deal and the best price. Aside from basic mandatory cover you can also take additional cover, tailored to your individual requirements.

Travel Insurance

Whether you are required to get travel insurance (to get a visa to travel to certain global destinations) or whether you simply want to protect yourself from financial loss or any unexpected events that could occur while you are on your travels. Many Schengen countries demand travel insurance in order to be able to enter them it is wise therefore to ensure you have researched exactly what you need before you leave on your trip.

Travel insurance can include medical care, baggage loss and lost or stolen passports. If you fall ill or suffer an injury while you are abroad it is essential to ensure that you are covered. This is because in some countries such as the USA, medical care is extremely costly. In certain other countries you may want to ensure that you are taken care of adequately or flown home as fast as possible.

Health Insurance

Medical care can be very costly, which is why a good health insurance policy can be a valuable purchase. With health insurance cover, you can ensure that when you or your loved ones are taken ill or require medical attention, they receive help quickly and are not left waiting around. In some cases you can even receive tax benefits from health insurance.

There are many types of health insurance cover available so it is wise to take some time and look around at the options. You can take cover just for yourself or for your entire family up until the age of 50 years.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is important to many people in India, as it covers their home against calamities made by natural events (such as storms, fire, flooding) and other unexpected events such as burglary, theft or accidental damage. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, your home can be at risk from all kinds of unexpected events, so it is wise to ensure that financially, you are covered.

You can also cover the contents of your home against a multitude of possible events. There are many excellent home insurance providers available in India, so take your time and compare the options carefully.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is popular in India and offers financial protection in the event that the person insured dies. It may not be something you like to think about, but what were to happen if a loved one lost their life? If they are the main earner in your household, the financial loss can be significant; without their contribution, the remaining relatives can be left dealing with costs that are unmanageable. A life insurance policy covers the financial fallout arising from a death for a set period of time. Therefore while the personal emotional aspect of the event may be difficult to manage, at least the expenses and costs are taken care of.


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