MYINSURANCECLUB.COM (Life Insurance) display a list of life insurance plans that are available based on your requirements. You can compare life insurance policies - both price and the features and select the life insurance policy that suits your requirements the best. Life insurance quotes from different life insurance companies are displayed - the policies with the cheapest premiums being displayed on top. do not sell insurance and hence do not have any incentive to push any particular insurance policy to you, taking pride in the fact that they can help you select the best life insurance policy.
Location: India
Advantages: have come to realise that when it comes to buying an Insurance product there are too many products from too many insurance companies with too many features to arrive at a simple and quick decision. benefits include:
1. Offering an unbiased and independent search capability and direct visitors to the insurer that best meets their individual requirements.
2. Having a board of people who have spent a lot of time developing and selling retail financial products using both the offline and online medium.
3. Having members who have worked in the technology teams of Indian companies and MNCs across continents and have an in-depth understanding of systems and consumer preferences across different financial products.
4. Collecting your requirements and instantly displaying the premium quotes and features of policies from different insurance companies in India. You can compare these policies for their premiums and features and choose to proceed by sending the application through
5. There being no compulsion for you to apply through us - feel free to browse our site and compare different insurance policies.
1. does not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed and tips expressed by Investment Experts in some sections of the website.
2. is not liable to any loss or damage arriving due to a click which takes the visitor out of the site. Any transaction done by following a link to a third party site is at the sole risk of the visitor and claims, if any, should be settled with them.
Can cost between RS 1 Lakh and 5 Crores annually

Policy Name: Life Insurance
Premium: Varies on policy chosen
Excess: Varies on policy chosen
Max Sum Insured: Varies on policy chosen

Cover Type: Varies on policy chosen
Cover Level: Varies on policy chosen
Cover Detail:
Find the best life insurance policy through three easy steps:
1. Input Requirements
2. Compare Policies
3. Apply

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Ask on application
Pay Monthly: No

Varies on policy
You must have a mobile number to enter the site and compare policies
Varies on policy

Person Info: Varies on policy chosen
MyInsuranceClub (Which Way To Pay - 10/9/2013)
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