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In this area of the Which Way To Pay India comparison portal, you can find current accounts and savings accounts. Both of these are important to many people in India current accounts primarily by businessmen and companies, and savings accounts are used everywhere to put money aside for safekeeping.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are very popular in India and are used to gather interest on your money. By putting money into a savings account, it is put safely away until you need it at a later date. Most banks offer savings accounts so it is a sensible idea to compare as many accounts as possible before making your choice. Depending on the type and size of bank, you may be required to deposit a minimum amount to enable the account. This amount varies from around Rs. 500 to Rs 5,000.

You can open a savings account for your children, this promotes a good savings habit for later in life and also means your child can benefit from receiving money that has gathered interest over time. NRIs may not be eligible for a savings account so ask the bank if you are unsure.

Current Accounts

Current accounts are not designed for earning interest or saving money, but are primarily for businesses and companies that need to make numerous daily transactions. As with most banking products, the eligibility and requirements will differ according to which bank you apply from and which type or size of business you work within.

Using a current account is one of the key ways of managing your business effectively. You will need to make a minimum deposit in order to be able to open a current account. This amount varies according to which bank you use, but anything between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 50,000 is normal.


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