Reward Credit Cards

Reward credit cards offer you a great many deals and offers that you can benefit from without changing your spending habits. As with credit cards, you are able to shop online, in stores and in bars and restaurants, but the difference is you collect rewards for doing so. See below a selection of reward credit cards. Use the comparison grid to compare the main features of each card. Things to consider include; is there an annual fee? What is the rewards programme? What is the APR? Be sure to check the terms of each reward credit cards before you make an application to avoid disappointment. Please read the terms and conditions of any credit card very carefully. To find out more information on a specific product, click on the More info blue button.

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Compare Reward Credit Cards

If you are getting a credit card you may want to consider a rewards credit card

Is a rewards card the right option for you?

The right rewards credit card for you will depend on your lifestyle and what sort of rewards you want to earn As each rewards credit card program has different purchasing criteria and benefits it pays to compare and evaluate. The main aim is to earn the maximum amount of rewards for the money you spend. When choosing a reward programme make sure is suits your spending habits. Flexibility in how you can redeem your credit card is a bonus. If the credit card has several different partners, you get more choices in redeeming the rewards you accumulate. Use the comparison table above to compare different rewards cards so you can be sure you get the right card for you.

Rewards Credit cards specifically suit certain people

Reward credit cards benefit you the most if you use the credit wisely and pay off the balance each month. This is because the interest that you will pay on your outstanding debt can outweigh the value of any reward. You donít want to end up spending more on fees and interest charges than benefitting from the rewards. With a rewards credit card you earn every time you spend and so ultimately, the more you spend the bigger the rewards. Reward credit cards can help you save and earn money at the same time. As soon as you make sure first card purchase on your rewards credit card you will start to accrue reward points and discounts. Reward points can be redeemed as soon as you earn them.

All credit cards carry risk

With any credit card there is the risk of falling into debt if you fail to make your repayments on time. These cards encourage spending because the more you spend the more rewards you will earn. A rewards card can easily lead you to debt when you have to charge things you ordinarily wouldnít just to accumulate rewards. Cards that offer rewards often have higher interest rates than standard credit cards. With this said you should only use your rewards cards for item that youíll pay off every month. You might have to spend a lot of money to earn a decent reward.

A few things to watch out for when purchasing credit cards

You should be wary of introductory offers and make sure you are not just drawn in by these. With some cards once this period ends they can become very expensive so make sure you know what happens once the offer comes to an end. Also watch out for fees. It's important to understand the fees and to make sure the costs donít outweigh the rewards you receive. If the value of the rewards you receive isnít more than the fees you have to pay, the card isnít worth the cost. You will find there are annual fees, ATM fees and sometimes even application fees.

Reward Credit Cards - Latest News News and Charts

How to get the best from your reward credit card

06 August 2013
Which Way To Pay

If you spend on your credit card regularly and are able to pay off your balance in full at the end of the month, a reward credit card could be for you.


What are reward credit cards?

09 April 2013
Mark Maffia

When applying for a credit card, it is worth choosing a reward credit card. A reward credit card allows you to spend money and earn rewards at the same time. Different reward programs are available. Depending on your interests and lifestyle you can choose a reward credit card, which suits you best.


The Pros And Cons Of Reward Credit Cards

16 May 2012 16:00
Victoria Wedderburn

A rewards credit card offers a variety or rewards which could be cashback programmes, airmiles and a variety of other offers and discounts on things like hotel stays and clothing. A reward credit card can therefore help your money go further.


You Could Be Rewarded For Spending!

02 April 2012 18:00
Victoria Wedderburn

Many of us have credit cards today and are aware of competitive rates, annual fees and other features. Many people however do not realise the extent of the rewards they could potentially reap from a reward credit card.


Which Credit Card is Right For Me?

15 August 2011
Which Way to Pay

There are lots of different credit cards to choose from, and sometimes it can be confusing when picking the right one for you. From varying charges, interest rates and even reward credit cards, there are a host of options out there. A credit card can provide you with the capital to purchase more expensive items and pay the balance back over a period of time.