HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account (Savings Account)
NRE Savings Account lets you transfer your earnings to India conveniently with complete security. You can repatriate the funds held in the account along with the interest earned at any point of time and you don't even have to pay tax on the interest amount. With a host of direct banking channels available at your fingertips, you can stay in complete control of your hard-earned income abroad.
Location: India
Account Name: HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account
1. Transfer funds freely between India and abroad
2. Earn higher interest rates on your account
3. Pay ZERO tax on the interest earned on your NRE Account in India
4. Withdraw cash easily and shop worldwide with International Debit Card
5. Appoint a mandate  to operate your account for you
6. Transfer your funds freely to any place outside India
7. Conduct transactions securely online, 24x7 with NetBanking
8. Pay utility bills - electricity, phone, mobile phone - payment by a simple registration
9. Get a personalised cheque book
10. Get tax exemptions on interest earned and wealth tax
11. Get your account details in the monthly statements FREE
12. Avail of Safe Deposit Lockers at certain branches
13. Invest in Mutual Funds by linking your NRE Savings Account to our Investment Savings Account
1. You need to maintain an Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) of Rs. 10,000/-. In case your Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) is the average balance you need to maintain in your account (s) over a period of 3 months. dips below the required amount, a fee of Rs 750 per quarter will be charged.
2. Fees and charges apply.
To transfer money to your NRE account, you can:
1. Transfer funds from abroad in a freely convertible foreign currency
2. Present foreign currency notes / traveller's cheques brought in by you on your visit t o India
3. Directly remit the amount to us from your overseas bank account
4. Transfer funds from an existing NRE / FCNR Account held in other banks in India

Interest Rate: 4% p.a.Interest Gross: 4% p.a.
Interest Paid: Half Yearly
Minimum Income: Rs. 0
Overdraft Rate: N/A
Banking Charges: Extra services
Service Charges: Rs 750 per quarter
Account Access: Online, Branch, Post, Tel
Withdrawal Access: Online, Branch, ATM, Tel

Free Banking: NoDebit Card: No
Cheque Guarantee Card: NoStanding Orders: No
Direct Debits: NoOverdraft Facility: No
Account Manager: No

You are eligible if you are a Non-Resident individual of Indian nationality or of Indian origin
Effective from 1st April and as per RBI mandate, Savings Bank interest will be calculated on the daily balances maintained in your account, at a rate of interest as specified by RBI from time to time (existing rate is 4% p.a.). The Savings Bank interest will be paid at half yearly intervals on 30th September & 31st March each year.
Introductions and Offers:
Terms and Conditions:
You are eligible if you are a Non-Resident individual of Indian nationality or of Indian origin
HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account (Which Way To Pay NZ - 14/8/2013)
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4 Star Rating
HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account (Which Way To Pay India - 17/4/2013)
HDFC Bank NRE Savings Account is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

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