icicilombard (Travel Insurance)
A comprehensive Travel Insurance policy that covers unexpected medical and non-medical expenses when you are travelling abroad. Avail of benefits like Checked-in Baggage loss/ delay and unique facilities such as Cashless hospitalisation, worldwide. Travel insurance is really important if you are planning on going away anytime soon. Protect yourself against the unexpected and have peace of mind. Make sure you read the terms and conditions fully before you apply. Apply online in just a few minutes. Read the terms and conditions.
Location: India
1. Cashless hospitalisation facility available worldwide
2. Pay an annual one-time premium without any extension hassles
3. Secure as many trips (30 or 45 days per trip) throughout the year
4. Covers Checked-in Baggage Loss, Trip Delay, Passport Loss, Financial Emergency
5. The insurance also covers medical evacuation costs back to India
6. No medical check-up required
7. Avail quality health care with leading US based UnitedHealth International
8. Pre-existing diseases are covered under life-threatening situations
9. Buy Online and pay in installments without any extra charges
What is not covered
1. Pre-existing conditions except in case of life-threatening situations
2. Addiction to alcohol, drugs
3. Mental disorder, anxiety, depression
1. Cashless hospitalisation facility available worldwide
2. Pay an annual one-time premium without any extension hassles

Policy Name: Individual Overseas Travel Insurance
Premium: From Rs.1,500
Excess: Ask on application
Max Sum Insured: Ask on application

Cover Type: Single Round Trip/Multi-Trip
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:

Medical Cover* - US$ 100,000, US$ 250,000 and US$ 500,000
For medical costs due to illnesses or accidents and medical evacuation back to India.

Financial Emergency Assistance US$ 300
Emergency cash made available in case your travel funds are robbed.

Passport Loss** US$ 200
For expenses incurred in obtaining a fresh or new passport.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Ask on application
Pay Monthly: Yes

Any person between 1-70 years of age
You must be under 70 years old
Any person between 1-70 years of age

Destination: W
Duration: Annual available
Personal Liability: US$ 100,000
Overseas Medical Expenses: US$ 250,000
Overseas Emergency Assistance: US$ 300
Cancellation Cover: US$ 500
Personal Cover: US$ 15,000

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